Whether you are starting out on your first adventure as a Digital Nomad or are a seasoned pro, it’s fair to say that sorting out accommodation in a new location can be tricky. If you don’t have an established network of acquaintances in your city of choice, you could be flying blind as to what areas are safe, good value for money and fun.
Introducing Couchsurfing: a great way to meet new people, grab a few nights free accommodation while you orientate yourself in a new location, and ensure you are making the right decision about a particular city.

Long before Airbnb came on the scene, Couchsurfing was offering shared space in local people’s apartments and homes to those wishing to explore the world. With a network of over 4 million users and 400,000 hosts now spanning the globe, it’s a robust option for those looking to begin life as a Digital Nomad or Perpetual Traveler.
The theory is simple: sign up, create a profile and search for matches. You can browse a host by location and view host profiles, looking for the perfect match. Once you have connected with a host and are accepted as their guest, you are on your way to free accommodation in your city of choice.
Accommodation varies from a couch to your private room, and this will be something you need to consider before you head off. Also, you need to be sure that the host in question is someone you could spend time with. Couchsurfing should not be viewed as a means to bag free accommodation – the platform is there to connect like-minded travelers and individuals for new experiences, contacts, and adventures!

Likewise, we recommend you don’t treat Couchsurfing as a place to sleep and shower for free – and suggest you bring a gift for your host, offer to buy dinner or perhaps do a small shop. In return you will get to see the beauty of the Couchsurfing principle – a knowledgeable host armed with all the best places to eat, work and play in their city and the perfect guide to help you get your bearings before taking the plunge and renting something more permanent.

In terms of safety, we recommend you check and use the vouching and reference system to ensure that the potential hosts are indeed trusted members of the community. Take a good look at previous guest’s comments and, coupled with a review of the potential host’s profile. You should be able to pitch yourself to the host best suited to your needs!
We love Couchsurfing here – it’s a great way to get free accommodation, learn about the local area and meet like-minded people with whom you can share your experiences. Give it a try!

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