We live in a global age where travel is easier than ever before, but unfortunately you can’t just rock up at the border of any old country with your sunglasses on and laptop in hand. You may be able to avoid some taxes easily, but for the majority of us visas are just something we have to deal with.

Long queues at embassies, the worry of having your passport posted off in an envelope, endless questions at border control and hundreds of pages of forms to fill can make getting a visa a painful process, however if you plan wisely you can avoid most of this.

Depending on the country of destination and your nationality, you will likely have a number of countries you can visit without any visa at all. For example, EU citizens can travel freely in the Schengen zone, British citizens are free to visit the former commonwealth countries visa free, and South Africans can visit Brazil for 90 days without a visa. Check out your country specific requirements and see where your passport will take you visa free!

For the purpose of this article however we will focus on the countries that in general have a fairly easy visa process or none at all for the majority of people. Visit any of these countries for minimum hassle at the border:



A 30 day visa is granted on arrival to those arriving by air, for the cost of about $30 dollars. No faffing around at an embassy beforehand and a relatively straightforward process on arrival.



If you are reading this and are from the EU, the USA and many other countries you can get a visa for a massive 360 days on arrival in Georgia! Check the list of specific countries that can avail of the visa free offer online. And for those who do require a visa, Georgia has launched an online application process making it easy to sort out before you travel.



Kosovo offers a 90 day visa on arrival to a large list of people from countries in Western Europe, the Americas and Australia.


Panama will grant visa on arrival to most European, North and South American and Australian citizens, and a large number of countries in between.  You can remain in this haven for up to 180 days.


Ecuador offers visa on arrival to much of the world! You’ll get 90 days here, although the Galapagos Islands are restricted

The Maldives

This beautiful holiday destination offers immediate visa on arrival (with proof of onward travel and available funds to cover your stay). You can remain 30 days on this visa type. 



Another friendly country offering visa on arrival to all nationalities. Some countries are restricted to 60 days, others are allowed to remain for 90 under condition of available funds.

Many of these countries aren’t the easiest to access, which is perhaps a good thing, as this is likely what keeps the visa policy so open and friendly. Check out any of these “Visa on arrival” countries when planning your next trip, and you won’t need to be separated from your passport to get your paperwork in order!

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