You probably heard of the legend of Bermuda Triangle. For a long time, this region of the North Atlantic ocean has been the subject of many myths and historical accounts of how it mysteriously has caused numerous ships and airplanes to sink. For most of recent history, it’s been a widely recognized legend. While the legend itself has been debunked by most reputable sources, it stays alive until today, but it’s not the only reason Bermuda is a well known country.

Bermuda comprises of 5 main islands as well as over 150 limestone islands. It is a British Overseas Territory, however, it is a self governing state, with the United Kingdom holding responsibility for things like the army and foreign relations. For most of the 20th century, Bermuda has had one of the world’s highest GDP per capita. This is due to its economy being centered around tourism and international financing.

Best of the Atlantic

What makes Bermuda a truly special spot is its positioning in the Atlantic. Bermuda is actually on the hurricane belt, however, it’s protected by its surrounding coral reef, as well as the fact that it’s positioned in the northern part of the belt, which limits the strength of storms that approach it.

Bermuda’s sizable and diverse coral reef has made it one of the top destinations around the world for diving, snorkelling, and marine life enthusiasts. Additionally, its unique pink sand beaches coupled with clear waters make for the most picturesque scenery. Each strip of beach on the main island has a unique name, and each one has one special trait that sets it apart. There are also several shipwrecks scattered in Bermuda’s coastline, which makes the beach experience different from any other island.

Aside from beach attractions, Bermuda is also full of historical attractions. In St George’s village, you can find the famous unfinished church of St. George. It was planned to be built in the late 1800s however it was never finished. The Royal Naval Dockyard is also one of the top attractions. It used to be a military base, however nowadays it is home to Bermuda’s finest restaurants and shops, as well as a large and scene setting dockyard. There you can also find the National Museum of Bermuda, where you can learn more about Bermuda’s history, geology, and see various artifacts.

Other top attractions on the islands include the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo, as well as the world famous crystal caves, where histories of old crystal formations make the caves an experience one should never miss. Guided tours are provided to tourists on a daily basis and it is one of the most well known attractions  for visitors.

There are numerous other attractions on the island, and while it has always been a tourist favorite, the amount of tourists visiting it lately has declined due to global recession. This is why now is the best time to visit Bermuda, in order to encourage tourism to get back to its previous glory.