The Magic of Diversity

The Caribbean Sea is undoubtedly one of the most magical places on Earth. One of the most special destinations for which it is famous is The Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands is a group of 3 islands located in the Caribbean, to the east of Mexico. The islands, which are named Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. They are labelled as British Overseas Territory, however they aren’t part of the European Union.

Every country has a unique trait, and for Cayman Islands, this trait is the incredibly diverse population. Currently at a little over 61 thousand, the population of Cayman Islands consists of a fascinating mixture of 100 nationalities. This makes Cayman Islands a very enjoyable place to visit – no matter what your nationality or what language you speak, it’s always guaranteed that you will feel welcome, and that language barriers will not be a problem.

Three Countries in One

Each one of the three islands has a different personality. The Grand Cayman, which is the largest of the three islands, is famous for its magical, crescent-shaped stretch of sand and sea, the Seven Mile Beach, as well as its eye-catching architecture. It’s also the location of the Cayman Islands capital, George Town. George Town is famous for its luxurious atmosphere, with duty-free shopping opportunities making it an attractive tourist destination. Grand Cayman is also known for the fascinating species it is home to. A few miles off the coast is what has become known as Stingray City, where tourists can go for tours that include swimming with the stingrays, feeding them, and an overall memorable experience. It also houses the well-known Turtle Farm, which breeds thousands of turtles annually for their meat as well as produces sea salt.
As for Cayman Brac, it’s the destination for the nature lovers and adventurers out there. The island is named after its famous limestone bluff, which slopes towards an elevation of about 40 m at the eastern edge of the island. The island is also home to tourist favorite diving spots, beaches, and forests inhabited by interesting and rare species, especially birds.

And if you’re a lover of peace and quiet, the Cayman Islands has a lot to offer for you. Little Cayman, the smallest of the three islands and the least populated, is a haven for undisturbed wildlife, naturally breathtaking beaches, and a friendly local population of about 170. It’s also famous for scuba diving spots, the Little Cayman Museum which showcases local history, as well as kite surfing and kayaking.

The Full Experience

The Cayman Islands have something to offer for everyone, whether you’re there for the beach, the wildlife, culture and history, or just relaxation. As for its weather, Cayman Islands has a tropical climate, characterized by a wet season, typically between May and October. The temperature is moderate and doesn’t change a lot year round. However, locals and tourists alike should often watch out for cyclone alerts, although they are not a frequent occurrence.