Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is an island southeast of Greece. With a mild climate year-round, it’s impossible to not want to be outside when you’re on the Mediterranean Sea’s third largest island. If you do get tired of the beautiful scenery, there are plenty of historical sites to visit.

Cape Greco

Cape Greco is a national park that has great views and nature trails that are perfect for walking or hiking. The park features various rock platforms and caves from which you can get into the water. Over the course of the almost 9 miles (14 km), there are plenty of landscape and plant life to look at.

Cape Greco features two of the island’s most popular trails, the Aprhrodite Trail and the Agia Anargyroi Trail. The Agia Anargyoi Trail offers access to the famed natural rock bridge formation, Kamara tou Koraka. The end of the Agia Anargyoi Trail offers access to sea caves and Konnos Beach.

St Hilarion Castle

This large castle is named after monk Hilarion, who fled religious persecution. It’s said that he lived and died in a mountainous cave. A church and monastery was built over his tomb in the 10th century. Because the structure is situated upon a hill overlooking the plains, it became an important lookout spot over history. St. Hilarion Castle is composed of three main parts: the lower enceinte, the upper enceinte and Prince John’s Tower. These three parts are accessible through steep staircases. Make sure to arrive early and avoid climbing if the heat peaks when you are there.

Zanettos Taverna

If you’re looking to eat like a local, this is the spot to be. Here, meze is super popular. Meze, if you’re not familiar, is an appetizer. In Cyprus, locals eat a variety of meze with drinks. This restaurant has been in business since 1938, even though there’s no menu. Join the locals and feast on everything from pork belly to snails. If you’re planning to go on a weekend, it’s recommended that you make a reservation.


Cyprus is home to one of the world’s top five shipwreck dive locations, the Zenobia. The Zenobia was a Swedish cargo ship that sank in 1980. Divers can explore the rooms and halls of the wrecked ship, the cargo trunks that are scattered across the sea floor and take in the beauty of the schools of fish that have made a home in the Zenobia’s wreckage. The Zenobia can be enjoyed by all divers, but those who are more experienced can really explore the depths of the wreckage.

Pafos Archaeological Site

This archaeological site is home to rich history and beautiful mosaics that are based on Greek myths. This sprawling site features jaw-dropping views and is home to many treasures. It’s constantly being excavated as archaeologists look to find more and more treasures.


For those who are looking to experience a well-rounded vacation, rich in outdoor excursions, relaxation and history, Cyprus is a destination to not pass up. Whether it’s eating with the locals or exploring natural wonders, there’s fun for everyone.