The Mother Colony

Saint Kitts and Nevis, known officially as The Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, is a country comprised of two islands in the Caribbean. It’s known for being the smallest country in the western hemisphere, in addition to being the home of the first British and French colonies in the Caribbean. It has therefore been given the title “The Mother Colony of the West Indies.” Today, Saint Kitts and Nevis is still a part of the British commonwealth, and its head of state is the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Like most of its neighbouring islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis has an economy which is largely dependent on tourism. This is due to its position in the Caribbean, which gives it a tropical climate coupled with picturesque scenery. The capital city of Basseterre lies on the large island of Saint Kitts, while the quieter and smaller island of Nevis is just a mere 3 km away. And with a population of just over 50 thousand friendly locals who speak English as a first language, it has become one of the top destinations in the Caribbean.

A Country of Festivals

Saint Kitts and Nevis are famous for the numerous festivals that are held on the islands annually. Some of these festivals include Carnival, a Christian/Greek themed music festival, the Saint Kitts Music Festival, held in the last week of June, and Culturama, which is a week-long festival held on the island of Nevis. In addition to several other festivals around the year, these colorful and dynamic celebrations often include parades and fascinating music and dance performances, making them one of the main tourist attractions.

Another strong tourist attraction is the islands picturesque views. Having a somewhat irregular terrain and several fresh water rivers running through its vast tropical forests, coupled with gorgeous beaches, it makes for an irresistible combination. Additionally, the forests are home to over 170 bird species, as well as several other rare animals and fish in the surrounding beaches. Several activities that tourists in the island enjoy include water sports, snorkelling, and hiking. Another attraction is the Scenic Railway, which is an 18 mile train ride originally built to service sugar traders in the island. It takes riders on a picturesque sightseeing tour through Saint Kitts.

Not only do the islands have an attractive landscape, they also have a very rich history, with several museums and historical sites available for tourists to visit. Some of these sites include the National Museum in Basseterre, Alexander Hamilton House in Charlestown, and the Museum of Nevis History also in Charlestown.

An Authentic Caribbean Experience

Although it’s one of the smallest countries in the Caribbean, Saint Kitts and Nevis is still able to provide its visitors with a full Caribbean experience. It has all the elements of a perfect Caribbean holiday, with the addition of a small-town atmosphere that gives it a homey vibe. It has a typically tropical climate, which makes it perfect to visit during late summer months.